“In My Foreign” is the gift that keeps on giving. Go 95.3 named it one of the top songs of 2016, but in the new year it has given us not just the most fun soundtrack-tie-in video this decade, but now the added joy of a performance last night on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

From Jimmy’s introduction – which, hearing it out loud makes the song’s extensive guest list really sound long, so props on the breath control – you get the smokiest of smoke and mirrors live TV performances. The Americanos play the back with a bright video screen as Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana and Nicky Jam emerge from the shadows of the audience.

While Lil Yachty is notably absent, which is surprising considering he’s everywhere these days, the audience is taken for a fun ride as the celebration of a new xXx movie continues. xXx: Return of Xander Cage is in theaters now.

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