Last night’s American Music Awards had plenty of great moments, the least surprising of which was another great performance from The Weeknd. While the two-time AMA winner technically went home empty handed last night after losing both the Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist category to Chris Brown and Favorite Pop/Rock male artist to fellow Canadian Justin Bieber, the real story is how he delivered his best televised version of “Starboy” yet!

Utilizing a fun house-meets-kaleidoscope camera effect, The Weeknd’s charisma blossomed as his vocals unfurled into the lush majesty that “Starboy” can reach. The spiraling colored crystals are a refreshing change from the comparatively minimalist approaches The Weeknd has taken to his other televised performances of the song.

The Weeknd’s Starboy album officially drops this Friday, just in time to score all your black friday shopping.

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