For those of you who found the Weeknd’s last video for the uncompromisingly brutal “False Alarm” to be “too tranquil,” the Toronto native has doubled down on the intensity with his newest clip “Party Monster.”

If you’re pregnant or have a heart condition, we should warn you that viewer discretion is advised.

Directed by BRTHR (The Weeknd’s “In the Night,” Charli XCX’s “Breaking Up”), get ready to have your eyes and ears assaulted as Abel’s debauchery turns typical nightlife tropes into a nightmare. While the panthers, the neon and the death does connect the clip into the greater Starboy narrative, the Weeknd’s never released a clip with such intensity before, showing he’s putting his most frantic foot forward into the new year.

Watch your eyeballs! We don’t expect to hear this one on Ellen anytime soon, unless her time slot is moved much later.

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