We loved what Wiz Khalifa, Vince Staples and the other performers did at the Big Fancy Go Show on Sunday in downtown Minneapolis.

They were great.

But a 3-year-old kind of stole the show.

Vivienne is the young daughter of Go 95.3 afternoon host Mr. Peter Parker. He brought her up on stage during the show – and she basically stole the mic from him to spit a few bars.

“Ready? OK! Vivi want the bottle right away,” she says, dancing a bit and getting huge cheers from the crowd of about 5,000.

Check out the video:

When the grown-up Parker tries to take the mic back… she’s having none of it.

Here’s another angle:

“Are you ready?” she yells to the crowd at one point.

And to be honest, no – we were not at all ready for a toddler to own the BFGS crowd.

But Go 95.3 might have found its headliner for BFGS 2018.

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