Is Ellen the new Rap City?

The daytime talk show’s flirtation with hip-hop has only intensified throughout 2017. But while Migos and Rae Sremmurd’s appearances coincided with being inescapable in pop culture, the Travis Scott performance seems almost left-field by comparison.

That’s not to say he doesn’t kill it. In fact, Scott’s rendition of “Goosebumps” here might be the best hip-hop performance on Ellen since last year’s show-stopping Chance the Rapper outing for “No Problem.”

The red lighting and mirrors provide a really cool effect, emphasizing the song’s introspective lyrics. Then, the red liquid graphics match the visceral elements of the song, and provide great contrast to Scott belting his heart out.

Plus everyone got to take home a copy of Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. Neat!

Fans will have the chance to get “Goosebumps” in person when Travis Scott headlines the 10th annual Soundset coming up at the Fairgrounds on May 28.

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