Can’t wait to see Ludacris act in Friday’s release of The Fate of the Furious? Always wanted to see him star in a medical drama? Fear not, Dr. Luda will see you now in his new video for “Vitamin D.”

According to Luda’s interview with The Breakfast Club, the Ty Dolla $ign-assisted “Vitamin D” is the Critics Choice Award-winning actor’s first independent music release (which is why you may have noticed it not appearing on Luda’s Vevo).

Coincidentally, it samples one of his former label Def Jam’s biggest hits of this millennium, “The Thong Song.” Providing further evidence of the harmony between violin strings and g-strings, the clip finds Luda and Ty examining women’s bodies until the twist ending where SPOILER ALERT: it’s all a dream and he used to read Word Up! magazine it’s revealed Luda’s noticeably augmented abs are not real.

While Luda’s next album doesn’t have an official release date or even a name yet, it looks already like he’s going to have a lot to roll out this year.

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