Ben and Dana have been in Quarantine for 2 weeks but on America’s most revered Holiday, they reunited back at the radio station and it felt so good! With almost two weeks away, they had some great ideas of what they wanted to do on Happy Marijuana day but all of these ideas got shot down by the bosses.

$1000 MINUTE: Cassie from Inver Grove played today for our NEW Grand Prize of a pair of tickets to the next 10 shows after the Coronavirus Quarantine and valued at more than $1000. Listen tomorrow morning at 7:35 to play!

Get To Know Question: What’s the highest you’ve ever been? A lot of stories about feeling like a cartoon, ice fishing and things that made us laugh so much it sounded like we were high.

Puddle of Mudd is going viral for a Nirvana cover that went so badly, we had to beg people not to change the radio station.

Thanks for listening to Ben and Dana Make Mornings Suck Less on Go 96.3/Twin Cities!

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