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We all woke up Wednesday morning to see that Sony is once again ripping off an idea from the greatest video game company of all time Nintendo.

Sony must have gotten jealous of the massive success Nintendo has seen the last two holiday seasons with the Nintendo Entertainment Classic and Super Nintendo Entertainment Classic so they are getting in the classic ring as well.

The evil Sony announced the PlayStation Classic that will come out on December 3. It will cost $99.99 (more than the Nintendo Classic systems which is typical for greedy ol’ Sony) and will come with two controllers and 20 games.

Sony thus far has only announced five of the 20 classic games (Final Fantasy VII, Jumping FLash Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms) that will be included on the system. This is presumably because they are scrambling to find 15 more games worth a damn to include on the system. Can’t wait to see what weak-ass Crash Bandicoot games they fill this thing up with! That dude couldn’t hold Mario’s plumber.

OK, obviously we all know I am a Nintendo-obsessed freak, and everything I have said here was (mostly) in jest. Honestly, depending on the other 15 games that come with this PlayStation Classic, it could be pretty cool. Hell, I will probably end up buying one. I just wanted to fire some shots because I miss the console wars of the 1990s.

So come at me, PlayStation fans! Let’s feud. Same goes for all you lame-os with XBOXs.

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