In the early hours of Thursday morning, beloved hip-hop innovator Kendrick Lamar made a rather cryptic social media post.

Deleting his entire Instagram history, he then uploaded the Roman Numeral “IV” (“four,” if you’re nasty) without an additional explanation.

Speculation is already running rampant as to what this could mean. Is Kendrick trying to tell us something? Is he messing with us? What’s the yams?

We consulted our Council of Kendrick Lamar Arts and Sciences to come up with five possible explanations as to what this “IV” could possible mean.

Kendrick Lamar is prepping his fourth album

This one seems like the most obvious explanation. He’s three albums deep, he’s been relatively quiet since appearing on a Maroon 5 single last year, and we’re due for new Kendrick. Plus, his last two albums each had *four* words in their title. 2+2 = 4. The numbers don’t lie!

Kendrick Lamar is just now getting into Coheed and Cambria

The choice of simply an “IV” and its font bears a striking resemblance to the cover of Coheed and Cambria’s third album Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness.

Kendrick Lamar is abandoning rap to start a Led Zeppelin tribute band

We just passed the 45th anniversary of Led Zeppelin’s IV. With no words anywhere on its release, the band opted for such a presentation for their fourth album as to shrug off the meaninglessness of music from a review/written word standpoint. The “IV” following a deletion of all his Instagram pics show Kendrick could be taking a similar path.

Kendrick Lamar is slowly revealing a long message

Maybe the “IV” is going to begin Kendrick saying “I’VE” or end a message with “-IV.” This would pretty much point to him releasing new material, unless the message is “I’VE CHOSEN NOT TO RELEASE NEW MUSIC UNTIL THE RETURN OF MY SHIV.”

Kendrick Lamar is the I.V. keeping hip-hop alive

He’s got that Intravenous Therapy on lock! Let his flow pump right into you!

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