There’s something really peculiar going on with underground rap icon MF DOOM today. The reclusive self-professed super villain has always been something of an enigma, and the past decade has found news of DOOM’s activities to be few-and-far between. That’s why it’s so odd that today, the day after Rusevday no less, three DOOM-centric stories all broke, further complicating any idea of what a 2017 DOOM is cooking.

We start with the surprise that adult swim and DOOM have apparently severed all current ties going forward. The network and DOOM have a long-standing relationship going back over a decade, including the release of DOOM’s adult swim-themed 2005 concept album Dangerdoom, and the network had spent the summer weekly new singles from DOOM as part of his Missing Notebook Rhymes series. 

Originally slated to last 15 weeks, all DOOM references were suddenly and unceremoniously scrubbed from the adult swim site. Mass Appeal reached-out to adult swim for comment and were told[adult swim] is ending our relationship with DOOM, and thus, the remaining Missing Notebook Rhymes will unfortunately have to remain… missing.” 

The news comes as a shock to fans as adult swim was one of the last reliable outlets for consistent DOOM activity. In the early 2000s when DOOM had the momentum of a runaway steamroller, he was putting out around six projects a year. After the aforementioned Dangerdoom, DOOM’s output dwindled to only about three full-lengths of original material over the following decade.

Between this sudden decrease in production and the artist’s odd choice to have “DOOMBots,” random strangers in DOOM masks, appear in place of him at concerts where he’s billed to appear, he’s remained one of rap’s most unpredictable entities. Given that adult swim has managed to foster a fertile platform for DOOM in all his DOOM-ness for so long, the abrupt change caught even the most diehard DOOM devotees off-guard.

Further complicating matters, the news of DOOM’s dismissal was quickly followed by two wholly unrelated entities promising new DOOM material. Today DMV rapper IDK unveiled the tracklist for his new project, IWASVERYBAD. Among the featured names are Swizz Beats, Chief Keef and – somehow – DOOM.

Additionally, the rumored WESTSIDEDOOM project – a collaborative release between DOOM and recent Shady signee Westside Gunn, apparently actually exists. Despite DOOM fans being promised a collaborative album with Ghostface since 2005 and Madvillain 2 since 2006, this additional DOOM joint-venture might beat them all to our ears. 

Today the first track, “Gorilla Monsoon,” named for the wrestling great who hosted WWF programming in the ’80s and once wrestled Muhammad Ali, emerged with full-fledged WESTSIDEDOOM art.

If 2017 has proven one thing, you have to keep your eye on villains. Now, you have to keep an ear on them too. 

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