Chance the Rapper stars in the latest campaign for clothing giant H&M’s new collaboration with Paris-based brand Kenzo. With bright colors and feline print, the look seems larger than life, so who better to deck in H&M/Kenzo attire than the charismatic Chicago rapper?

In an accompanying clip, we get to know a little bit about Chance’s passions aside from music. Despite not having read a book since high school, Chance giggles that he’s often mistaken for being well-read, chalking it up to how “articulate” he comes off. Chance also isn’t particularly familiar with older music either. So, what is Chance’s greatest passion?

Turns out, it’s film. Going as far as to refer to it as a “vice,” Chance reveals that he mostly just watches movies all day. An aspiring screenwriter, Chance attributes his desire to bring his visions to the screen as to why his music has such a cinematic feel. If you want some of Chance’s duds for yourself, the Kenzo for H&M line will be available in-stores and online November 3.

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