Mr. Peter Parker and Kush Picasso at Soundset 2019 – Photo by Rich Peterson

If you’ve seen a Go Radio billboard anywhere around town, then you’ve already seen Kush Picasso’s talents in action. As Go Radio’s Creative Services Coordinator and in-house graphics mastermind, Kush keeps our stations and website looking fresh seven days a week, and he also finds time to get busy in the kitchen. Check out his tips for keeping your body happy before you attend a Go Radio music festival.

If you’ve been to a summer concert, an all day outdoor show or a multi-day music festival- you’ve definitely seen “that person” that didn’t eat enough, starting partying too early, and is now paying for it. You don’t want to be spending your afternoon with the EMTs in an ambulance instead of with your festival crew. Festivals are a marathon, and its easy to let the excitement and anticipation take over and lead you to focus on crushing that six pack of White Claws before you’ve put anything in your belly.

I’ve been to many festivals in Minnesota and Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee a couple times as well, and while I’m not a nutritionalist nor a dietician, I’ve never been miserable at a festival because of poor decisions earlier in the day. Here is an easy guide to make sure you’re not “that person”. Trust me, I like to drink and party with the best of ’em, but it’s all about time and place. Festivals are a time and place to pace yourself.

The Day Before:

I’m a firm believer that you should try to get a gallon of water in you the day BEFORE the festival. Think about the fun you’ll have tomorrow and hold off on drinking alcohol the night before. That’s a good head start to make sure you’re not heading into the festival with a hangover. First things first, right?

The Day Of :

After getting a good nights sleep, be sure to eat some type of breakfast. Pancakes, Waffles and eggs are all delicious but I prefer to go for more savory, non-typical breakfast foods. Before Soundset Festival this year, I ate a big roast beef sandwich, a few packages of string cheese and 2 bananas to get me going and I was content for a while. Point being, if you’re not in the mood for standard breakfast foods, just get SOMETHING in you. Other solid options are granola bars, peanut butter and jelly, pasta salad, chicken breasts, burritos or even leftover pizza.

When you arrive, sniff around the dining options as you check out the festival grounds. Food trucks can be a bit pricey but they’re a great option. They offer a wide variety of healthy and unhealthy yet sustaining meals that can be a strong next step to keep you running. I like to get something easy in my stomach right away and also keep something in mind to eat later. Once you choose something, try to grab some shade, sit down and take a break for a bit. Check out the set times and plan breaks around off-times when your favorite bands aren’t playing. This is a great time to duck out for a bit to re-charge.

Another important point is to keep electrolytes in mind – that will make a big difference in your day. If you start to feel weak, slam a Gatorade or two and you’ll feel a world of difference. Most people are there to see the headliner, so just make decisions throughout the event so you can remember their set the next day.

Alternatively, you can start the day by slamming a box of Franzia with nothing in your tummy but a few Funyons and see how the day goes but I don’t recommend that. Have a great time, make memories and come see us again next year!

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