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By now you’ve probably seen Kanye West‘s triumphant return to Twitter. The elusive rapper has had a love/hate relationship with the platform, but this past week @kanyewest has made a hard left into a very different direction.

Word broke out Monday that Kanye would be penning a philosophy book, which either lit a fire under Ye or upset him, as he’s been on a Tweeting spree ever since.

Some of Kanye’s Twitter gems have been worthwhile wisdom:


Some of his Tweets are demonstrably bad advice:


A few are clearly just Kanye being Kanye:


But now it’s leaked that Kanye has a completed new music project that he’s been playing for a select circle of listeners. According to TMZ, as well as our ability to decode Kanye-centric verbiage, Yeezy’s new album will deal with his family and his journey through seeking better mental health through therapy.

While we don’t have any song titles, snippets or release dates, it’s at least a hint to set the tone of where Kanye’s next endeavor will take us.

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