Night of the Living Darin Kamnetz

This Saturday is the 2018 Zombie Pub Crawl. A magical time for the undead and brain-curious,  the ZPC brings out the wildest adulation of wicked fun, serves with a side of refreshing local brews that could make the dead rise!

Every year there’s always a substantial amount of hip-hop happening at the Zombie Pub Crawl, and for the 2018 installment on SaturdayOctober 13, that tradition continues! Learn more and get your tickets while they last here:

One of the things that makes Zombie Pub Crawl so special is that the undead theme allows the fun outdoor festivities to translate no matter how haunting the weather may be! From heatwaves to snowfall to 2017’s severe downpour, it’s always a memorable time to be a zombie.

Case in point, last year’s spectacular Tech N9ne performance. For over an hour, Tech and partner-in-rhyme Krizz Kaliko rocked through the storm for a the funnest, wettest drunk zombie horror movie imaginable!

Knowing this year’s installment boasts A$AP Ferg, Shaq, Twista, Snow tha Product and more, it’ll be an unforgettable night whether raining precipitation or just blood!

All photos by Night of the Living Darin Kamnetz 


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