It’s a #FunFactFriday! Did you know the medical term for your butt crack? Did you know some people have a disorder that makes them think they are cows? Did you know the guy that invented the Pringles can was buried in one?

$1000 Minute: Jodie (and her kids)from Ramsey played today for our NEW Grand Prize, including multiple nights out in the Twin Cities valued at more than $1000. Listen tomorrow morning at 7:35 to play!

Get To Know Question: How superstitious about the Vikings are you? Are you a ball of anxiety like Ben and have to do things a certain way on Game Day or do you want to throw a party or go the bars to watch like Dana?

VIKINGS: Have you voted for the worst punishment on social media, yet? Did Ben and/or Dana pick the Vikings to win this weekend in San Francisco and what are they forecasting? I guess you’ll just have to listen and find out.

Thanks for listening to Ben and Dana Make Mornings Suck Less on Go 96.3/Twin Cities!

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