This weekend, Go 96.3 is giving you tickets to some of the best shows and events this month. Be listening for your chance to win tickets to Go 96.3 Presents First Ave Halloween.

It’s easy to win, just tune in to Go 96.3 at tune in 7:00-7:15am, 9:00-9:15am, 12:00-12:15pm, 4:00-4:15pm, 6:00-6:15pm plus during the Link Up with Jordan on Friday, and 10-10:15am, 12-12:15pm, 2-2:15pm, 4-4:15pm, 6-6:15pm and 8-8:15pm on Saturday and Sunday.

When you hear our on-air host give you the hour’s unique keyword, text that keyword to 651-989-9696 and you’ll be entered for a chance to win tickets to three great shows!

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