Soundset 2017. Photo by Darin Kamnetz

Rhymesayers Entertainment’s annual Soundset festival is a globally recognized destination for the best in hip-hop, and Minnesotans are lucky to have this incredible experience right in our own back yard. This year’s lineup might be the best in the festival’s history, and Go 95.3 is giving away tickets all weekend long.

The Modern Hip-Hop channel is so hyped for Soundset 2018 that we’re starting our Winning Weekend a day early! We’re giving away Soundset tickets today at 2pm3pm5pm7pm, and 9pm. After that, we’ll be giving away tickets every other hour form 10am to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday. All you have to do is listen, follow the DJ’s instructions, and call-in at 651-989-9595! Good luck!

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