A new pot-themed motion picture called Grow House is in theaters now, and look who writer/director DJ Pooh (the co-writer of Ice Cube’s Friday) got to light up the soundtrack’s first single.

The biggest hip-hop potheads on three coasts, Big Snoop Dogg finally shares a track with both Wiz Khalifa and Devin the Dude. Can you guess what they rapped about? (Hint: reefer-marijuana).

Over a smooth acoustic funk groove, the three take a stream-of-conscious approach to the benefits that weed has brought to their lives. That popping sound isn’t your speakers, it’s their ears!

It does speak volumes (“high” volumes that is) how three artists with such different sounds can all find the same groove on the same shared passion. Longtime fans of Snoop, Wiz and marijuana might remember the two rappers playing high school students together when starring in the 2012 teen pot comedy Mac and Devin Go to High School. Yes, that exists. (Snoop and Devin – and Andre 3000 – previously collaborated on the essential “What a Job.”)

The Grow House soundtrack also features Cypress Hill (surprised?), Kurupt and Xzibit.

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