Today, hip-hop’s been rocked with the disturbing news that Wiz Khalifa‘s tour bus was involved in a car accident. To clarify exactly what happened, Go 95.3‘s DJ Bonics touched base with us to give us the inside scoop.

On the way to Cincinnati, one of our crew busses got into an accident. Luckily, everyone’s safe. The story is, there was some construction on the highway, and the bus was just driving as it should, and someone was driving in the opposite direction for about five miles. The people on the bus felt someone hit the breaks as it went faster and faster, then some things flew off the table.

They found out this older gentleman was driving in the wrong direction and crashed into the bus. No-one was hurt. There were people sleeping, it was 4:45 in the morning, some were awake or startled into waking up.

It wasn’t Wiz’s bus or my bus, but people close to the tour and everyone ended up OK.

DJ Bonics
DJ Bonics

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