We’re only ten days away from Go 95.3‘s #GoShow13 with Wiz Khalifa at The Armory, and the excitement’s being felt everywhere – even the grocery store! For proof, we present Wiz’s new video “Fr Fr” featuring Lil Skies and the stacking skills of Go 95.3’s own DJ Bonics!

How often have you wanted into a grocery store and thought “Hey, I could throw a pretty good party here?” Once again, Wiz answers your wishes in the new Cole Bennett-directed clip. From twerking on produce to making it rain lentils, it’s the most fun you’ve had in a grocery store since the days of free suckers!

Catch Wiz performing “Fr Fr” in the track’s live Minnesota debut at The Armory on September 28, and find out how you can avoid fees on tickets here.

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