Go 96.3’s Giselle Ugarte only loves two things: Food and her puppy. Actually, she loves her mom and a lot of other things too, but she really loves food. Every Wednesday, she’ll be sharing her latest edible obsession with us on WTF: Where’s the Food? 

In honor of National Cheeseburger Day, I put together a list of my three favoritest cheeseburgers in all of Minneapolis –and I’m keeping things simple. No crazy stuffings, toppings or ingredients, just quality (and locally sourced) meats, cheeses and buns.

Parlour Burger
When friends come to town, I don’t send them to get a Juicy Lucy (overrated af), I send them here. Big enough to share, this buttery masterpiece is comprised of two juicy 5-ounce patties of brisket, ribeye and chuck roll, white American cheese, and a grilled egg bun. There’s also a miniature “McDonald’s” version at Constantine Bar.

Revival Fried Chicken
I know what you’re thinking, a cheeseburger at a fried chicken restaurant? Yes. And I dream of it often. Co-owner Nick spent MONTHS perfecting the masterpiece that is quite simply thinly packed, perfectly salted short rib and brisket beef patties with yellow American cheese and (the secret ingredient) Duke’s mayonnaise inside a potato roll from PJ Murphy’s Bakery in St. Paul. If the Parlour Burger and the Saint Dinette burger had a baby, this would be it.

By the way, I recently stirred up some controversy by telling folks to skip the fried chicken at Revival.

Reminiscent of my favorite “Double-Double, ‘Animal Style’” from the famous In-N-Out Burger, this one has double meat, double American cheese, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle and SPREAD (aka thousand island flavored crack), inside a Challah bun from Turtle Bread in Minneapolis. This is Christy Taylor’s absolute favorite.

Where’s your favorite place to grab a cheeseburger? What did I miss? Comment below or @ me, and ALWAYS tag/tell me where the food is.

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