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Go 96.3’s Giselle Ugarte only loves two things: Food and her puppy. Actually, she loves her mom and a lot of other things too, but she really loves food. Every Wednesday, she’ll be sharing her latest edible obsession with us on WTF: Where’s the Food? 

Okay, fine. You can get the chicken. It’s delicious. My personal favorite is the gluten-free battered (even though I’m definitely not gluten-free) on top of a waffle or between two (yes, they have a fried chicken breakfast sandwich, and it’s available all freaking day).

But please, I beg you, try out some/all of my Revival favorites, which I actually find myself dreaming about and missing far more often than the famous chicken.

Revival Burger
Yes, a burger at a fried chicken restaurant. Make it a double. You can get top it with bacon and pickles and so many things, but don’t do it. You don’t need it. Just the perfectly constructed American(cheese)-beef comb. If the Parlour and the Saint Dinnette burgers made a baby, this would be it.

Mac + Cheese
Classic. Pro tip: Start eating something else when the mac and cheese first hits your table, and then break into it. I kid you not, when I say that I once scooped a bite that was so creamy, cheesy and perfect, it nearly brought me to tears. The golden/burnt edges are my absolute favorites.

Buttermilk Dressing
I wouldn’t recommend drinking this alone, but I wouldn’t judge you if you did. Just be careful, because it’s got a kick! If you need some greens in your life as a break from all the comfort food, get the farm greens, which comes with giant cornbread croutons, and/or do the right/Minnesota thing and get the beer battered cheese curds, which – by the way – taste the best when they’re cooled down and clustered with honey hardened with Cajun seasoning.

Pork Rinds
If you wanna get weird… go with the Pork Rinds. The menu says they’re “Hot Cheetos style”, but they’re really not that hot, and they come with the most glorious and warm cheese sauce, which you should definitely order extra of or the Johnnycakes (like a pancake, but with cornmeal, ham and cheddar, with a sunny egg on top).

Hush Puppies – or the Cheddar Biscuits -or the Hush Puppies
Ugh, I can’t decide. There’s no right answer here. It’s usually a personal preference between the corn pups, which are basically corn dogs without the weenie in the middle, or the chedds, which are gooey and good. Dunk it in the pork rinds cheese sauce for an elevated (borderline sexual) experience.

Peach Pie 
Not a pie person? Me neither. Not a peach person? Just trust me here. Because even if you don’t like the super-fresh slices of peach perfection, you will head-over-heels fall in LOVE for the crumbled SNICKERDOODLE COOKIE CRUMBLES overflowing on top. DO NOT SLEEP ON THE PEACH PIE. It’s seasonal and won’t be around much longer.

But let’s be honest. You really can’t go wrong with Revival. There’s a reason this restaurant reigns supreme as an icon, not just in Minnesota, but in all of the Midwest. You’ll definitely be seeing a list soon with my favorites from Revival St. Paul, which houses a different menu, and I’m stoked to try their brand new Revival Smoked Meats, opening next month!

Where else do I need to eat? WHERE’S THE FOOD? Comment below, hit me up on social @giselleugarte or email me at

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