Go 96.3’s Giselle Ugarte only loves two things: Food and her puppy. Actually, she loves her mom and a lot of other things too, but she really loves food. Every Wednesday, she’ll be sharing her latest edible obsession with us on WTF: Where’s the Food? 

In case you missed it, pretty much half of the internet claims that the BEST sandwich combo is peanut butter and – wait for it – MAYONNAISE. So, naturally, I – master of snacks  and equal-opportunity taste-tester –  needed to understand the hype behind this crazy and seemingly-confusing (yet classic?) combination. And what better way to do it than with your support (and advice and prayers) on our beloved morning show.

Some reactions from my comments:

@kbloms: “I’m pregnant and it still doesn’t sound good”

@radmita: “peanut butter and pickle is good!!!! No mayo though”

@epmnlover: “I also enjoy a pb, relish and mustard sandwich 😊”

Our friend Gavin Thomas also weighed in!

We also got some helpful advice about toasting the bread from another listener:

With the help of your suggestions, I decided to go with TOASTED bread, CREAMY peanut butter, EXTRA mayonnaise, and – only on half of the sandwich – ADDED pickles (not my favorite, but I trust you, and I don’t back down).

And… it was… not bad! Minus the pickles. Hard pass on the pickles.

I’d had peanut butter and mayonnaise on burgers before, with beef (and salt and butter) as a buffer, but this was definitely a first for me. I finished the whole thing, and I was totally full until lunch, with plenty of fat, protein and calories packed in. Would I eat it again? If it was there, I wouldn’t turn it down, but I think I’d want to add bacon and/or a thin slice of asiago cheese. Am I getting too weird now? Have you tried this? Would you try this?

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