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In the latest chapter of the on-going “Kanye is dropping a new album JUST KIDDING” saga, apparently Ye’s heavily touted promised new album Jesus Is King isn’t an album, but an IMAX film, but he had listening parties of the “album”, and somehow it’s 2019 and words don’t matter so OK.

In all seriousness, here’s what we know. Last Friday was supposed to be the release of a new Kanye project called Jesus Is King. More than speculation and rumor, this date and title was repeatedly confirmed by Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian.  However, the Thursday before hearsay spread that the album would not be coming out. These whispers were correct.

However, Kanye instead hosted listening parties that he himself was in person for, shooting for the style of his Sunday Services but now with a marked mega-church style presentation, which was accompanied by Kim stating that the album would now be released Sunday. While the listening parties did happen, no album officially made its way to our hands.

Then, later on Sunday, official word went out that Kanye West’s Jesus Is King is a documentary that will be released in IMAX theaters on October 25.

The other news from the listening parties is Kanye stating he’s “done” with “secular music,” something a few journalist have tied to Nicki Minaj‘s revelation over the summer that Kanye has become a born-again Christian.

But fear not, some lovable scamp recorded the entire listening party so if you just can’t wait to hear the new Kanye *album* Jesus Is King, here it is complete with abominably blasphemous fan-made art:

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