If you’ve been wondering why all of your social media timelines have been stampeded with references to cows, milk and general declarations of “MOOOOOOOOO!” it’s because of Los Angeles rapper Doja Cat.

Over an infectious uniquely warm Soundcloud-ish jazzy arrangement, Doja Cat gets sincerely silly on “Mooo!,” rhyming from the perspective of a hip-hop cow. Weaving in an out of metaphors with genuine rapping as a cow, Doja plays with references from Ludacris to Kelis to keep the joke running all while being surrounded by classic cow-related GIFs and Clip Art.

Universally hailed as a bop, the video’s already pulled in well over a half-million views across social media platforms in less than four days. The track has even received public acclaim from some of hip-hop’s comparatively reclusive big names like Chance the Rapper.

But don’t take Doja for a fly-by-night parody artist or comedy act. She currently has two projects released on RCA, but distributes her quirkier material on the side – having the freedom for both her commercial aspirations and creative satisfaction.

“Mooo’s” mass appeal shows these two sides to her personality may meet at a nexus, so it’s best now to get familiar and chalk it up to bovine intervention.

1 thought on “Your timeline reads ‘Mooo’ and ‘I’m a Cow’ because of Doja Cat

  1. Now I really want a milkshake… and I鈥檓 left wondering if the next single will be a pass off with the colonel? it鈥檚 gonna get extra crispy on the track! 馃悢

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