Every Friday, Go 95.3‘s star videographer Zeke selects which video clips you need to rewind in order to stream easy into a excellent weekend! Watch all the hottest clips the internet has to offer in Zeke’s Press Plays.

Being the video guy here at Go I think It only fitting that each and every week. I present five videos everyone should see. These will be a wide range of videos from cooking to music to sports and everything in between. Here are my top 5 videos this week.

1st video up is ASAP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator – “Potato Salad.” This video is shot somewhere in Paris and is done great with the effects and lyric scroll. Also peep the cameo from Jaden Smith Hopefully this is a tease of an album to come from them!

2nd is the Will Smith interview with Rap Radar’s Elliot Wilson and b dot. Reason to watch/listen to this is, for one, it’s Will Smith and, two, he drops a lot of gems on his career, acting, his life and, third, he is the king of Instagram. If you’re not following him on Instagram, you should. Can I add he is Jaden smith’s dad? (lol.)

3rd is Tatiana DeMaria London’s “Don’t Lie.” After seeing her at Warped Tour, this song has been suck in my head. The video is a simple black-and-white performance video but she shows her emotions while performing! Stay tuned we have a Go Backstage interview with her dropping in two weeks!

4th is How to Make a Perfect Burger According to Science. Who does not love a great burger? I want to sexy eat all these. If don’t know about #sexyeating you should follow Giselle on Instagram @Giselleugarte.

5th and final video on Zeke’s Press Plays is a clip of your Minnesota Vikings taking batting practice at Target Field. Good thing Diggs plays football instead of baseball.

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