Every Friday, Go 95.3‘s star videographer Zeke selects which video clips you need to rewind in order to stream easy into a excellent weekend! Watch all the hottest clips the internet has to offer in Zeke’s Press Plays.

Superorganism – “Everybody Wants to be Famous”

They did a great job at their Go Show and this remix is perfect! The video is a cool way to think about doing a lyric video. Simple, but takes time to do. I can appricate the time that went into this!

Want to go to Will Smith‘s 50th birthday party? Watch this and find out how!

It’s a Nerf Blasters Floating Island Battle! Who wants to do this in Minneapolis next summer? This looks like so much fun!

Nothing cooler than Action Bronson going undercover on the internet. Watch listen and laugh.

The Knocks – “Goodbyes”
Finally, The Knocks release the song “Goodbyes.” They first played this track at our Go Show with Mansionair last month. The video fits the vibe of the song perfectly! Next Wednesday, be sure to check out our Go Backstage with them. They talk about their favorite wedding song, touring with Justin Bieber and more!

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